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    Hello Kerry,

    I would like to include anisotropy in my inversion. I can see that there are multiple options in the new Mamba2D for this. But I just wanted to clarify what they meant.
    Does tiz mean vertical transvere isotropic i.e. anisotropic along Z direction?

    If I try and run in tri-axial anisotropic inversion for my 2D line, the inversion doesn’t seem to run. It completes without showing any errors either.

    Hope you can help to suggest what is the best option to use. I only have inline data. And I am getting slightly lopsided residuals which makes me wonder if I should include anisotropy.


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    Hi Bedanta,
    Sorry for the slow reply, just back from being offshore for 2 weeks. I just added some instructions to the website that define the anisotropy options and show a couple of examples of how to specify the anisotropic components using Mamba2D, see them at this link.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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