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    Dear Kerry,

    I successfully compiled and tested MARE2DEM on Windows 7 (AMD 64 bit processor) using Intel Parallel Sudio XE 2015. As was suggest in the instruction, I did first a rebuild and after that a build.

    Now I tried to compile it on a Windows 8.1 machine (Intel 64 bit processor). When I execute MARE2DEM, it reads the resistivity, poly, penalty and data files and after that I get the following error message (compiled in Debug mode):

    ** Iteration 1 **

    Constructing derivative dependent matrices…

    Generating mesh from input polygon model by calling Triangle:

    forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception – access violation
    Image PC Routine Line Source
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF60056D683 Unknown Unknown Unknown
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF600570795 Unknown Unknown Unknown
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF60053A780 Unknown Unknown Unknown
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF6003DED56 triangle_mesh_mp_ 115 call_triangle.f90
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF60044C44B getstartingmesh 1027 mare2dem_common.f90
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF60052910E mpi_mare2dem 84 mare2dem_mpi.f90
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF60050B4F8 computefwd_mare2d 365 EM2D.f90
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF60050B84F computefwd 313 EM2D.f90
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF6003C9220 occam_mp_computej 543 Occam.f90
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF6003C7B35 occam_mp_computeo 333 Occam.f90
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF60052F4F2 MAIN__ 229 RunMARE2DEM.f90
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF60053602E Unknown Unknown Unknown
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF6005ADEBD Unknown Unknown Unknown
    MARE2DEM.exe 00007FF6005ADFEE Unknown Unknown Unknown
    KERNEL32.DLL 00007FFA3A3416AD Unknown Unknown Unknown
    ntdll.dll 00007FFA3C444409 Unknown Unknown Unknown
    [Projekt:00092] [[60069,0],0]-[[60069,1],0] mca_oob_tcp_msg_recv: readv failed: Unknown error (108)
    [Projekt:00092] 8 more processes have sent help message help-mpi-btl-tcp.txt / invalid if_inexclude
    [Projekt:00092] Set MCA parameter “orte_base_help_aggregate” to 0 to see all help / error messages

    Now I realized that after the rebuild, the compiler sends the following error messages:

    8605 fatal error LNK1181: Cannot open C:\MARE2DEM\Source\x64\Release\MARE2DEM_C.lib

    8604 error #11018: Cannot open C:\MARE2DEM\Source\x64\Release\MARE2DEM_C.lib

    The simple build works without any error messages.

    When trying to run the succefully compiled MARE2DEM.exe from the AMD x64 machine, I get the same “access violation” error when calling Triangle. So I assume that error is a) related to the Intel C++ compiler setting or b) to the C++ runtime environment on the Intel x64 machine. But I cannot figure out how to solve the problem.

    Any suggestions on what might cause the error?




    Sorry i’ve never compiled the code on Windows (I don’t even own a PC). Hopefully someone else who’s compiled it on Windows 8 can offer some tips.

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