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Tutorials and Instructions

*** This page is under construction and so much of the content below has not yet been generated ***



Model and Data Geometry

Introductory Examples

  • MARE2DEM calling sequence and command line arguments
  • The scratch folder used by CSEM inversions
  • Creating a forward model with Mamba2D
  • Running the MT forward model in /Examples/Demo/forward_MT
  • Plotting MT responses
  • The Preflight Checklist
  • Running the MT inversion model in  /Examples/Demo/inversion_MT
  • Quality control for 2D MT inversion results
  • Running the CSEM forward model in /Examples/Demo/forward_CSEM
  • Plotting CSEM responses
  • Running the CSEM inversion model in  /Examples/Demo/inversion_CSEM
  • Quality control for 2D CSEM inversion results

Advanced Examples

  • Optimizing the parallel data decomposition
  • Joint inversion of MT and CSEM data
  • Inserting penalty cuts in inversion models
  • MT inversion with static shifts
  • When and how to apply reciprocity
  • Anisotropy
  • Bounding resistivity
  • Land MT with horizontal B and slope parallel E.
  • Hybrid MT stations