System Requirements

The following are required for running MARE2DEM and plotting results:

  • Intel Fortran and C and Fortran compiler suite. At present, MARE2DEM will not work with gfortran or any other compilers.  If you don't have them already, you can visit the Intel website and download a free 30 day trial of their compilers.  This gives you the ifort and icc compiler executables.
  • The Open-MPI version of MPI built around the Intel Fortran and C compilers.  You can download Open-MPI for free here.  First install the Intel compilers, then follow the Open-MPI instructions for compiling the MPI wrappers around ifort and icc.  On some clusters, we've had success building MARE2DEM with other versions of MPI such as MPICH2.
  • MATLAB is required for the front and rear-end plotting and model building software. If you don't have MATLAB, you really won't be able to do much with MARE2DEM other than run the example files.  Any version of MATLAB from  2010 and newer should work.

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